Your Hosts

In 2015, Céline and Daniel decided to combine their experiences and their vision and turn a long awaited ambition a reality…

The Echo d'Eau experience is a compelling blend of their respective talents in craftsmanship and human sciences.

It is also the alliance of two people who authentically share their sense of harmony and their love of nature to welcome their guests to a fully holistic experience.

Céline originally comes from a family of entrepreneurs in The Vosges region in France. Throughout her childhood she witnessed first hand the change process impacting the textile and wood industry and the way it challenged people’s ability to adapt. Céline has fond memories of this stunning natural environment with its thermal springs, waterfalls, lakes, - a region she left as a young adult in order to study and build her career. She has since lived in many places in France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and sub-Saharan Africa. Her professional life in several multinationals presented her a recurrent theme – the challenges of cross-border collaboration. Specialized in this field, Céline has coached and trained Executives, Engineers and HR Professionals across Asia, Russia, Europe and Latin America to achieve intercultural proficiency and enhanced interpersonal relations.

Daniel grew up as part of a large intercultural family, with origins in both Normandy and Madagascar. His childhood , spent in France’s Val D’Oise region, was spent amid a back drop of greenery and gentle rivers where he developed alongside his father and brothers, an early passion for fishing. Attracted by craftmanship, his early career centered on the discipline of ironworks and he has since embraced other masteries, notably in metals and glass. Today Daniel has his own renovation company and is the prime mover behind the recent major renovation of the mill.

After an extensive search, Céline and Daniel finally chose their workspace, as they discovered The Mill in 2017 – the perfect place to truly symbolise their own professional transformation. With the Vendee’s inspiring scenery offering an imginative return to the landscapes of their earlier years, Céline and Daniel have truly returned to their ‘source’. Their collective vision is to offer their guests an experience in which to relax, share, listen and engage – as they themselves have – with the harmonious energy offered by the site.

Echo d'Eau is also inspired by the combined talents of their family who have all contributed to make this unique project a success.