The Echo d'Eau Experience

Connecting to Your Senses

Experiencing a stay at this emblematic former Mill will take you to adjust to the varying pace of nature.

Recently renovated and fully refurbished with its guests in mind, the watermill will provide you with more than one perspective as you experience the various areas of the building and surrounding grounds.


The Echo d'Eau experience is provided by its new owners, who have combined their respective professional backgrounds talents and multicultural experiences towards creating a restoring well-being experience for both private and business customers. Céline and Daniel offer an authentic, friendly yet discreet welcome to guests from all over the world to feel at home. To find out more about your hosts, click here.

Aquatic Experience

Each season brings new sensations; from dynamic currents and waterfalls in winter and spring through to the gentle breeze of the summer season where you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the leafy parkland, and revitalize in an outdoor swimming pool - The ever-present water brings a natural background of tranquility, soothing whilst energizing you throughout your stay.

Throughout the year, we offer unique experiences for you to continue the flow in our Spa area, where you can pamper yourself, awaken your senses with delicate scents and aromas…while keeping the connection to nature.

Combining the Pleasurable with the Professional

Echo d’Eau’s cascades and perspectives provide the perfect scenery to step back and be fully present. The site is also a place of discovery, creativity and new beginnings as we provide our guests with an opportunity to transform either personal or professional challenges in an innovative and pleasurable coaching programme.

Our innovative Host & Coach experience and programmes, designed and delivered by your certified coach, ensure that you enjoy discovering simple, practical and effective techniques that can be incorporated into even the busiest of lives once you return to your day to day activities.

Our tailored programs alternate face-to-face sessions during your Echo d’Eau break away and on the job/home remote sessions.
To discover our dedicated Coach, click here.